Logical thinking is a critical skill that is essential for problem-solving. It allows us to make a distinction between right and wrong. Makes connections in our brain between ideas from two distinct disciplines. This is key for the cognitive development of a child. 

Praaptii’s course on “coding” develops logical thinking, problem-solving and critical thinking in students from 4-to-13 years old. In addition to problem-solving skills, students will be equipped to form their own views and perspective to think independently. It protects them from groupthink and peer pressure. Students with logical skills are generally successful at school because they are able to connect between the cause and effect relationship.  And this skill can be developed through our “coding” course.

This course is affordable to students across different strata of society. For a yearly subscription of INR 3971.52,  students in India can access the course to develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. After the classes, students will be able to understand basic computer science concepts and develop the digital literacy skills necessary to tackle complex real-world problems. The course teaches Scratch, a block-based visual programming language used as an educational tool for teaching children programming. Then, it introduces concepts of Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Python.

Our coding instructors are registered and approved by the Ministry of Education, Singapore to conduct coding classes in schools.